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Stomach Cramps After Eating

Stomach cramping and pain after eating is a common digestive problem. Find what causes of stomach pain after eating and adominal cramping and how to get some digestive comfort.

In order to survive, we must eat. However, because we must eat, we must endure the pain that we feel after we have satisfied our cravings – usually eating much more than we should have. Often times, we experience stomach cramps after eating, which can be associated with both stomach spasms and abdominal pain.

Generally, these stomach cramps and this stomach pain is caused by indigestion, heartburn, stress, lactose intolerance, food poisoning or allergies as well as irritable bowel movement/syndrome.

Temporary Causes of Stomach Pain and Cramps

Usually when you experience stomach pain after eating and stomach cramping, it is a sign of some form of illness such as the stomach flu, or food poisoning. After eating contaminated food, you may experience stomach cramps within hours or it may be the next day before you experience any sort of abdominal pain.

Regardless, the pain is uncomfortable and various medical institutions report that the cramps and pain can last for up to as many as 10 days.

Another common cause of stomach cramping, is constipation, [ heartburn ] or indigestion. This can sometimes be brought on from eating an inadequate diet, especially a diet with a small amount of fiber, [ dehydration ] , inactivity as well as certain medications.

Chronic Causes of Stomach Cramping and Abdominial Pain

If you suffer from stomach cramps or severe stomach pain after every meal then it could be a more serious problem rather than a temporary problem. Some reports say that [ gallbladder ] disease may cause chronic stomach pain after consuming a meal, especially a meal high in fats. Two more common chronic conditions associated with stomach cramps after consuming a meal are [ peptic ulcers ] as well as [ celiac disease ] .

Peptic ulcers are generally caused by greasy or acidic foods that attack the digestive tract lining resulting in stomach cramps that can sometimes be pretty severe. Celiac disease is caused by the inability of the body to break down certain nutrients resulting in stomach pain and cramps.

Treatment and Cure of Stomach Cramps and Pain

Most stomach pain or stomach cramps that are experienced after eating can generally be cured with:

  • a proper amount of rest,
  • a change in diet,
  • reduction in the amount of food consumed,
  • increase in consumed fluids
  • the avoidance of fatty and acidic foods
  • avoiding medications that could enhance stomach pain
  • and the addition of bananas, crackers and/or toast.

Stomach Cramping and Pain Warning

If at any time you feel uncomfortable and the pain is unbearable from stomach cramping, you should consult with your family care physician. There could be a more serious underlying cause for your stomach pain and stomach cramps – such as stomach cancer and [ chronic mesenteric insufficiency ] – and you should seek medical attention immediately.

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